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In a small town, there exists the legend of General Hanover's Treasure. The general was famous for his brutality during the Revolutionary War, slaying his victims and taking a piece of their spine to fashion into a whip and stowing away whatever valuables he found on them. After meeting his end with a beheading by a cannonball, rumors circulated about where he hid his stolen riches but it was never discovered. Now, many years later, a massive manhunt was brought together to find this treasure once and for all. But when some villagers got too close to finding it, the headless ghost of General Hanover began to appear in the graveyard, mounted on a tall dark horse. Warding off all those who sought his treasure and decapitating those that crossed his path. Will you dare to face the horseman for his treasure? Or will you too become headless?

Final Cut
Final Cut

Rising silent era starlet Joan Parker has purchased herself a mansion with a dark history. The former resident was an actress who after years and years of failed attempts to reach fame, killed herself in the home. At first glance the mansion was bare and empty, except for a large statue in the cellar. Strange things began to happen in the few weeks of living in her new home, noises coming from nowhere, objects disappearing and reappearing, a feeling of constantly being watched, and the statue strangely seeming to come alive. Now, you are invited to Joan's Movie Premiere Party. But beware to accept this invitation for the entity of the dead actress has overcome Joan to wreak havoc on her party. Will you fall victim to its ghostly possession?

Rapture of the Deep
Rapture of the Deep

The fishing town of Portsmouth's successful market has been legendary for as long as anyone can remember. Unbeknown to outsiders, over a century ago the town made a deal with a Sea Witch to sacrifice a human life to her sea creature every year in exchange for a lucrative harvest and favorable seas. Unfortunately, due to Captain Jonah's return from the dead, the townsfolk missed the day of the sacrifice and now the Sea Witch has unleashed her wrath. Her sea creature has been released along with its spawn and together they are swallowing Portsmouth brick by brick. Will you join the townsfolk at the bottom of the ocean? Or will you escape the clutches of the Kraken?


We are located on South Frontage road in Plant City off of I-4 off Park Road exit (exit 22)

2837 S Frontage Rd, Plant City, Fl 33566


  • General Admission: $27 - $37 depending on night
    One admission to each of our haunted trails (3).
  • Front of Line: $37 - $47 depending on night
    This ticket allows you to enter each haunted trail (all 3 trails) once using the front of the line access. It also allows unlimited General Admission entry to all 3 haunted trails.
  • 3 Minute Escape Games: $5/person per game
  • Laser Tag: $5/person per game
    (these tickets purchased on site)

Tickets MUST be purchased online in advance
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We are open every Friday & Saturday, September 30-November 5, from 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

We are open every Sunday, October 9-30, from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm