Sir Henry's Haunted Trail

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tickets must be purchased online prior to attending.
  • Closed toe shoes are highly recommended for walking the trail. The ground is very uneven so use caution when walking.
  • Strobe lights are in use. Please proceed using caution.
  • The trails are designed to be frightening. Some material and scenes might not be appropriate for children under 12 years of age.
  • There are emergency exits if you get to scared and want to leave.
  • Sir Henry's Haunted Trail is  not recommended for people with Heart problems, pregnant women, people prone to seizures or any other affliction made worse by fear, anxiety, or flashing lights.
  • We pulse all of our trails and send groups of 6 people or less through at a time
  • Cell phone use, cell phone flashlights, and video recording is NOT permitted on the trail. Guests will be removed from trails if caught doing any of these.
  • The trails are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, however please be advised that because we are outdoor the terrain is very rough to push a wheelchair through.


Entering Sir Henry's Haunted Trail entails known and unanticipated risks that may result in physical and emotional injury. Risks may include: slipping, falling, collision with fixed objects or other participants, bruises, twists, sprains, breaks, seizures, and possibly death. 

DO NOT ENTER this attraction if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, are prone to seizures, physical ailments, have respiratory or any type of medical problem, are pregnant, or suffer any form of mental disease, including claustrophobia. By reading this warning, you understand that such risks are to be expected when entering any haunted attraction, including Sir Henry's Haunted Trail. These risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of this activity. 

By purchasing a ticket to Sir Henry's Haunted Trail it is expressly understood that you have been made aware of these risks and you agree to assume all the risks existing in this activity. Your participation is purely voluntary and you elect to participate in spite of the risks. 

We reserve the right to eject or refuse admission to any person whose conduct is objectionable. No refund will be given.

Trail Rules

Please follow the following rules. Failure to do so may result in removal from Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail.

  • DON’T touch the actors and they won’t touch you
  • DON’T touch any props or sets
  • Walk DON’T run
  • NO Smoking
  • NO food or drink on the Trail
  • Alcohol and Firearms are NOT permitted on the premises
  • NO costumes or mask
  • NO flashlights or glowsticks

Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail and its sponsors are not responsible for any loss, stolen or damaged property while on the premises.

There are no refunds after you purchase your ticket.

We reserve the right to remove anyone displaying drunken behavior that may affect the safety or enjoyment of our guests and staff